Sunday, May 20, 2007

A nice day in Ebisu Garden Place

Hiroshi and I spent the day together at Ebisu Garden Place. The main purpose of going there was to hit ecco to buy some shoes. Hiroshi wanted some dress shoes, but he has enough of those already, so we ended up buying sandals. Yeah, I had to get some too.... I'm a woman, I love shoes. Actually, the sandals are really great - they support the foot like a runner does (they have the same technology as their running shoes) so they are perfect for walking around all day. Unlike flip flops which are comfortable, but only good for walking on the beach or dashing to the store quickly.

We then went to the Sapporo Beer Museum. I have been to Ebisu Garden Place hundreds of times, but have never been to this museum. Which is silly because it is free. It has lots of old beer making equipment and what I liked best was the art work on the walls made of different parts from beer making machinery. They also had a beer tasting area. For 400 yen you can get 4 small glasses of beer and some crackers. This is actually quite reasonable. Hiroshi and I both had one, but we could have easily shared one. That might have been the better option actually - taste all four and then get a glass of the one you like best. I think the glasses were only about 200 yen or something. Cheap anyway. Then of course, a museum wouldn't be complete without a gift shop (especially in Japan), so we picked up some soap made from hops (I think), a t-shirt for Hiroshi, and some beer caramels.

Unfortunately, by the time we finised at the beer museum it was too late to go to the photography museum. There is an exhibit we both want to see. Ah well, we can go next week or something. So, we went up to the 38th floor of the office building to "Top of Ebisu" which is two floors of restaurants. You can get a great view of Tokyo from the windows, and we were luck to see the sunset. It was a beautiful red sky. It is also beautiful at night with all the twinkling lights. I took a ton of sunset and skyline pictures. Actually, I am quite pleased with how they turned out. You can see all the pics for the day (including our Thai lunch) at my Flickr account.

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